“Viking Whip Cord” – One-person technique 4-strand braid

While this can be done with two people (tie the cord to a ceiling point, pass bobbins across the space to each other), Kolfinna taught me this one-person method. The key phrase is “Under Two, Around the Middle” and the moving bobbin will alternately be the left-most or right-most bobbin. I hope these photos help you learn this method.

Video Recommendation: Processing Silk by Hand

When I’ve been spinning my green silk lately (the one people thought looked like a head of lettuce), I’ve talked about it being from “silk lap” which I pulled until I could spin thread. This video shows what it takes to make silk lap in the first place: See that mattress filling? That’s silk lap. Watch how it takes four people to stretch the already partially stretched silk cocoons until they can layer that large table. That’s silk lap.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/OrXiXDUQia8

Rainbow Birthday Yarn

A tiny sample of colorful wool and two spindles were gifted to me — here’s what I did with them over the span of a month. I split this wool into three approximately equal parts (over the length, end-to-end) and spun singles from each, then three-plied them together.